Tanja sorgt mit Faktor G für Stimmung

13. February 2019

IYC Countdown 4: People with disabilities at the IYC

The International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC) welcomes the youth from all countries across the world; whether with or without disabilities. That is the aim of the project group involved with inclusion at the Youth Convention.

11. February 2019

Second encounter of the IYC ambassadors in Düsseldorf

The ambassadors for the International Youth Convention (IYC) met for the second time in Düsseldorf at the beginning of January 2019, ten months after their first meeting in April 2018. They met to discuss and share their experiences and to receive a progress report about the planning state....
Vorletzte Tagung des Planungsstabs für den Internationalen Jugendtag 2019

31. January 2019

Planning executive: preparations have reached the home straight

The top-level planners of the International Youth Convention 2019 met in January, probably for the last time. In looking forward to the following months District Apostle Rainer Storck said, “We have entered the home straight and the tempo is rising”. The focus is now fixed on the final stage of...
Bezirksapostel Rainer Storck ist Leiter der Neuapostolischen Kirche Westdeutschland und Gastgeber des Internationalen Jugendtags

25. January 2019

"My wish is that the youth sense: This is my church!"

Rainer Storck, as hosting District Apostle, will be hoping to welcome more than 30,000 youth and their counsellors in Düsseldorf to the International Youth Convention. He spoke in an interview about the preparations being made and from his expectations and wishes for this major event.
Die IJT-Botschafter in Düsseldorf: „Wir wollen ein Feuer anzünden“

17. January 2019

IYC Countdown 5: The IYC ambassadors

They came from Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and France. They are between 19 and 27 years old and have one thing in common: they are all inspired at the thought of the International Youth Convention 2019 (IYC) and that’s why they have become IYC ambassadors. They came...
App zum Internationalen Jugendtag 2019

1. January 2019

A new version of the IYC2019 app is out

The app for the International Youth Convention 2019 has been providing current information all about the major event in Düsseldorf since mid 2017. The app has now been extensively expanded with version 1.3. It is available to be freely downloaded in the App and Play Store (iOS and Android).

20. December 2018

IYC Countdown 6: How international will the IYC be?

The International Youth Convention 2019 is truly meant to be international: not only through displays and presentations by the district churches worldwide but also by the many young visitors from as many countries as possible. The Spirit magazine asked what challenges had to be overcome in order...
Die Helfer-Registrierungskarte

10. December 2018

The registration of helpers has started

Applicants can now register to help out at the International Youth Convention 2019 with effect from 9th December 2018. The process is made with the use of a registration code through the website www.ijt2019.org.
IJT-Botschafter Simon Züfle

17. October 2018

IYC ambassadors: An interview with Simon from Southern Germany

Simon Züfle, from the South of Germany, is one of 18 ambassadors for the International Youth Convention. In an interview with the Church district of Backnang he spoke about his tasks, activities and wishes as an IYC ambassador.
Fotoshooting mit Stammapostel Schneider

11. October 2018

Registration for the International Youth Convention starts on 14th October

The start is just a couple of days away: the registration phase for the International Youth Convention is here. From Sunday, 14th October 2018 you can register through the internet website www.iyc2019.org.
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