The Bischoff Verlag is planning a remake of "Show YOUR Talent" for the International Youth Convention 2019. The idea is to give up to 15 talented young people the chance to perform on a large stage. We’re looking for talented singers and true-to-life youthful texts and music, whether drawn from pop, rock, ballads rap or blues.

Important information: download "IYC Compact"

Each edition of "IYC Compact" keeps participants up-to date with the latest news of the International Youth Convention 2019. The information published is suitable for hard copy and to be displayed on notice boards.

Submit your ideas for the Youth Convention

Whether you just have a simple idea or a particular suggestion for a display, a discussion/lecture presentation or a musical item - you, the youth, are called upon to shape the programme for the International Youth Convention. The chance is there now, up to the end of September 2018, for you to send us your ideas or plans.

IYC Countdown 8: Preparations are underway

Just one year to go until the International Youth Convention 2019 begins. One year – perhaps that might still seem a long way away for the youth, for those who are studying in that time toward their final school exams, starting a new job or moving into shared accommodation. The time is very short, however, for the planners of this major event; an occasion which is intended to bring lots of joy throughout to more than 30,000 participants. The IYC planning groups have already been busy some time and the first youth groups have begun with their projects, so that they can present them on time for the 30th May 2019.

Twelve ambassadors for the IYC 2019

Heeeeeey! – a small demonstration of a Mexican wave in anticipation of 2019: eight young New Apostolic Christians gave a trial run at the end of May to show just how good the mood is going to be in the Arena in Düsseldorf. 30,000 young people from all over the world are going to be here for the International Youth Convention (IYC) in less than a year’s time – and these eight youngsters are their ambassadors.

See you soon in Düsseldorf: