Up to 3,000 helpers will be required to make the International Youth Convention run smoothly. You can apply as a helper from November 2018. The skills which you have and the duration of your availability will both be taken into account.

Please address any questions you may have about helping to

Where will helpers be employed?

There are many different ways to help at the International Youth Convention 2019. For example, we are looking for first aiders, people with technical competences, people to maintain order and security, warehouse staff, city guides, infopoint assistants and language interpreters. Assistance will also be needed in the areas of greeting and reception, at the food counter, and in assembling and dissembling in the exhibition halls.

What can helpers expect?

The volunteers who wish to help at the International Youth Convention 2019 will be well equipped, will receive intensive training and be well fed. A separate dormitory will be provided for those staying overnight on the premises. Each helper will also also be given the greetings packet, which includes the official t-shirt.