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Data of participants, contributors, helpers and any other associated persons will be collected, stored and used exclusively for the purpose of conducting the International Youth Convention 2019. Such information will only be passed on to third parties or to the local District Apostle region of the person concerned when organisational reasons demand

Deleting and barring your data
We will store your personal data which you have given us only as long as we require it for the purpose of which it is intended, or as long as legal requirements dictate. When settlement of the IYC 2019 is completed, the data will be barred for further use and, on completion of all tax and commercial requirements, will be deleted.

Rights concerning data information and modification
You have the right to free information about your personal data which we have stored, and also the right to amend, bar or delete your data. For questions concerning collecting, processing or the use of your personal data, or retraction of your consent, or objection to any particular aspect of its use, you are requested to make direct contact with the IJT 2019 Düsseldorf gGmbH, data protection, Jahnstraße 45, 41564 Kaarst, or by email to datenschutz@ijt2019.org.

The information shown here gives you a brief résumé about your details which are saved and processed on the website https://www.ijt2019.org/. Comprehensive information can be found under our "Data protection information page".