Many mails are arriving on our desk. Here are some answers to many of the recurring questions. The list will be continuously updated.


Where can I register as a helper?

We are very happy over the great interest shown in supporting the International Youth Convention 2019 as helpers. Advertising for helpers will most likely start in 2018. We will inform you in good time on our internet site www.iyc2019.org.

We would like to link the internet site www.iyc2019.org. Can we use the key image to do this?

You are welcome to link the internet site and to use the key image. You will shortly find further templates under “downloads“. The key image can also be used in the illustration of news and messaging. What is not permitted are changes or adjustments to the logo.

How can I make it possible for the youth who don't have the financial means to take part?

Some district Churches are planning projects to support the youth from other countries and continents, so that they can travel and thereby take part. Many youth groups were involved in undertaking such projects to raise funds before the European Youth Day: not only for others to travel, but also to assist with their own travel expenses. Congregation and district rectors would be good contacts when considering giving individual support.

Are there any plans for divine services or any other programme events to be broadcast in the internet?

Whether and when any items of the International Youth Convention 2019 will be broadcast has not yet been decided. After the 2017 divine service for Pentecost in Vienna Chief Apostle Schneider said that this was being considered. Further decisions and official information will be promulgated on the internet.

Will the entry ticket also be valid as a travel ticket on the local public transport?

The admission ticket to the European Youth Day in 2009 was also valid then as a travel ticket for the regional Rheinbahn, and a similar solution is being sought for 2019. It might be possible for the ticket validity to include the complete Rhein Ruhr (Verkehrsverbunds Rhein-Ruhr (VRR)) public transport system. However, discussions are currently still taking place to confirm this possibility. We will let you know the outcome in good time.

Who can sing in the “International Youth Convention Choir” (IYC Choir)?

The youth, their carers and youth choir leaders should all be given the opportunity to join in singing in the choir. The choir will play its part during the closing divine service with Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider and in the presentation of the pop oratorio “I AM” in the Düsseldorf Arena. Its musical director will be Gerrit Junge (district church of Northern and Eastern Germany). He will be conducting a total of four central rehearsals, Germany wide, in the spring of 2019. These will be preceded by regionally located rehearsals. The pre-condition to take part is attendance at the regional rehearsals and one central rehearsal. The start for registration and further information about rehearsal schedules is expected to follow in autumn 2018. For current information please see here.